Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scarf or No Scarf? Outfit Phototaking Ritual - Morning, Noon or Night?

I used to take pictures of my outfit after work. Because...frankly? I can't afford to spare even a few seconds of my weekday mornings to take photographs of my outfits.
I'd be late every day, and reprimand/warning letters aren't exactly love letters ;)

The challenge with taking pictures after work?
- Outfits get ruined by sweat/stains of food from lunch/slouching in front of computer whole day
- Make Up = gone with the wind
- Hair = all limp and oily

Thus, I tried waking up 10 minutes earlier so I can do things slowly, with a few seconds to spare and take photographs of my outfit (time is limited, this is why you see the same poses & backgrounds again and again, I can experience more on weekends, but I'd probably choose to sleep or play hehe)

I wore two different versions of this outfit:
1. With commute-friendly flats, no scarf (too hot)
2. With heels - in the office, with scarf (surviving office AC)

Top = Oh gosh, where did I buy this top?
Skirt = Cotton On
Heels = Argyle Center
Flats = Kwai Chung Plaza
Belt = Orange, Jakarta
Scarf = gift from a friend