Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wear Vintage, Wear White

It's been a while since I went thrift-happy.
Thrift shops aren't so popular with the locals, they're severely under appreciated.
The only locals I saw roaming around these treasure laden shops are senior citizens, mostly looking for HK$5 shirts, or HK$10 brand name polo tees, or those from the "artistic" crowd, wearing their dirty hair, big black glasses, tight jeans, and a hat, even in hot summertime.

Meh. Let's look at it this way...that just means more goodies for me to snatch, right?

It is hard to find vintage dresses my size...the waistline is normally the size of my thumb!!! Sigh. Should I reduce my size to fit my vintage appetite? (Stop! Remember! I live to eat, not eat to live). Don't we just loveee vintage buttons? LOVE!

I love wearing white although it is not the most slimming color in the world...I think it brightens me up. I just loveee the embroidery details on this pretty!

On all the right places! Even on the sleeves!

...and the bottom of the full skirt.

Score! Love it when I could get such a great catch!

Dress = thrifted
Belt = Argyle Center
Shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur
Watch = Patrick Cox


Susan said...

hi rita...u looks nice on this dress, very beautiful dress...i have a soft spot on embroiderry clothing too...hehehe

Anonymous said...

hey ,
I love your page. Definitely some inspiration. I wrote an article on Batik dresses and its great that you took a picture of you showing your pride.