Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boys Fashion - Summer Hats

Like most boys, sous chef hates shopping, and although he is fun to dress, I'd rather buy my own stuff than buying him clothes/accessories. No appreciation could result from that.

However, once he's into something, that's it.
Recently, he's into hooded tops and hats. So, he buys nothing but hooded tops and hats....and when he likes something, he is willing to spend quite a lot of money it.

I liked this top as it gives the illusion of layered tops. It's too hot and stuffy in Hong Kong to pull off a layered look, so this top is perfect. I thought that SC would just dismiss the idea, but to my surprise, he liked it, went ahead and bought it...along with 4 (that's FOUR!) other hooded tops (!!!)

Do I complain when I thought his purchases were unreasonable?
Hell no.
I was hoping that...in return, he won't complain about every single thing that I buy.

Silly me.
He still complains about every single purchase I made, even if the amount is nowhere near what he spends on his fancy pants. Next time, I should just nag the heck outta him.
Top = Prince Edward
Hat = Kwai Chung Plaza
Shorts = Bauhaus

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