Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Floral Dress, Boyish Belt

Sorry for wearing this dress again, but it's just the comfiest dress to wear in this heat...even a tiny little cardigan feels too hot! T_T

I tried to make it look a bit different, belted, unbelted, paired with heels, with flats, with creamy colors, with bold colors...

I like pairing super feminine things with boyish bits. This belt is one of my favorite boyish accessories....it looks great with dresses and it tones down the sugar dosage of overly sweet pieces. Dark nail polish and gladiator sandals for extra fierceness.

Dress = Lady Story, Yaumatei MTR
Belt = H&M
Shoes = Kwai Chung Plaza


Jackie said...

I'm a big fan of belting dresses. I only have a big black belt and a big brown belt currently, but in my opinion those are the only two colours you need to match EVERYTHING. Although I'd really quite fancy a cream one, just because. And maybe a red one. And a blue one. Oh go on then. Maybe one in every colour under the sun... ;)

Also, Ashley visited me in London this past weekend! And I will be in Hong Kong this coming weekend, but not for a happy occasion, and it's literally a whistle-stop tour. But next time I'm in town for longer/happier times we should go shopping/eat food!

Jax x

Mochachocolata Rita said...

whenever i didn't belt...people started questioning if i were pregnant T_T LOL

ehm...i love having everything in every color (if possible)...just because ^_^

i'll be waiting for that longer/happier stopover, babe ;)
take care...