Thursday, August 27, 2009

Faux Snake Skin Tights

This season, we're blessed with tights abundance.
Colors, patterns, textures, name it, they got it.
My eyes were drawn to these pair of faux snake skin tights.
I just had to have it (well, it looks like i "had to have" too many things nowadays).

Look at the subtle texture and sheen....isn't it gorgeous?
Who cares if it's a bit too hot for shiny tights.
I just couldn't wait for the cooler weather to wear these.
Looks great with my dark nail polish ^_^

I paired the fierce tights with something girly...flowy dress and a dainty little bow buckled belt.

Dress = Lady Story, Yaumatei, HK$129
Belt = Kwai Chung Plaza, Kwai Fong, HK$39
Tights = Kwai Chung Plaza, Kwai Fong, HK$39
Shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur
Watch = Tag Heuer Alter Ego

1 comment:

Kyla said...

This is adorable! I love that dress!