Friday, December 19, 2008

Almost All Black & New Hair Cut

Getting my hair done in Hong Kong has always been quite a challenge for me.
- Most stylists in reasonably priced salons do not speak English enough to understand what I want
- My Cantonese is too crappy to describe what I want exactly
- The phrase "do whatever you want, just make me beautiful" always causes everlasting bad hair days
- Pointing at a magazine picture normally yields nothing like what's on the magazine

...that's until I found Johnny. He speaks perfect English and he is half Indonesian! His salon is very near to my place (like 5 minutes walk haha), the services at his salon are very reasonably priced, and he remembers how do I like my hair (big big BIG hair, and no styling needed, no cream, no mousse, no clay, no mud, since I will only go to bed afterwards). I went for a trim a few days ago, and he, again, got everything right. Puffy top (no straightening), lots of bang, trimmed ends. Done and done.

As for the outfit, I am never a girl who can pull off an all black look. While others look cool and sophisticated in black, I simply look dark and gloomy. Lots of stuff need to be added to make it work for me.
Top = black cotton turtle neck (my winter staple), In Fashion, Mongkok, HK$49
Jersey dress = body and soul, Taman Anggrek, Jakarta (I forgot how much). It is very very flattering
Black tights = another winter staple, Ladies Market, Mongkok, HK$39
Mustard Green shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur

Bling bling!
Precious = a gift from my sis, from Diva, Jakarta
Ivory and gold = H&M, HK$59
Faux Pearl = Argyle Center, Mongkok
Vintage inspired brooch = Tsing Yi, Greenfield shopping center, HK$20

The black outfit was a requirement for a wacky office Xmas party, in which I was assigned to be one of Santa's reindeers. Check out how I made a fool of myself later ^_^

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love the necklace