Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Blues

I wasn't talking about my feelings. I love Fridays. I was all least up to the moment I log on to my email account. Hehe. After which I would be longing for lunch.

I've put on my jacket to brave the reportedly chilly Friday (12C)...only to find that it was totally warm outside (20C). Ah, weather they ever get it right?

A walk around Hong Kong park...the perfect activity after lunch. My friend recommended this quiet balcony, away from all the professional looking "photographers", who were all equipped with super long, super expensive lenses and cameras...who would give us the "yuck, a couple of cheap lenses" once overs.

The top. Mustard colored polka dot chiffon shirt (vintage, HK$30). It adds a dash of color...I didn't wanna be all blue.
The dress. Thin cotton sparkly navy blue mini sweater dress (HK$69, In Fashion, Mongkok circa last winter). I love the slightly puffed sleeves, and the puffed bottom...which camouflages my problem areas.
The tights. Plain navy blue (HK$39, Ladies Street, Mongkok - it's survived at least 3 winters)

The accessories. My favorite necklace. I love its vintage inspired look, it goes with almost everything I own, the length complements my shape (H&M HK$59 circa last winter) . The only bad thing flips around on me! Hate it when it happens.

I love red + gold. This bag has my name written all over it. It's from Tung Chung's IT outlet (HK$199). Mustard, mustard and more mustard. The plain mustard green shoes were from KL's Vincci (MYR39)

This adorable lil' crown keychain is from London's Harrods Knightsbridge (£4.84).

The jacket. Navy/military inspired denim jacket is from Fa Yuen St Market (HK$150 circa last winter). I haven't seen anything like it before...and I am super partial to navy + red + gold.

I love how it maintains its girliness by adding ruffles to the back. The red curvy seams flatters too!

Enough blues...a vibrant night of shopping and eating looming ahead! Have a great weekend, guys!


Arrowouiz said...

I love your jacket ~ It looked so nice ...

~PakKaramu~ said...

Salam dari Malaysia

GICM Aficionado said...

Wow, beautiful ...
Looks so good on you.