Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Isn't Just Black & White

A wardrobe bursting with clothes and nothing to wear.
Don't we all hate staring blankly into our wardrobe every morning, keep changing from one outfit to another, which didn't work, and end up with an avalanche of clothes all over us? I do!...and unlike my sous chef, I can't settle to whichever clothes happened to be on the top of the shelves.

So, from now on, I'll start to post the results of my day to day fashion procrastinations. Hits, there were some. Misses, I had a few.


Isn't Just Black and White

I love adding something to my black & white ensemble, and I love combining different textures and clothes from different seasons. I hate reading fashion magazines where they "mix and match" a "cheap/bargain" items with super expensive designer gears. Whatever happened to "cheap + cheap = nice?"

The Tops

A vintage silk/satin black & white polka dot shirt with double layered round collar (HK$50).
I love vintage items. I've heard the famous tip of tailoring vintage clothes for a perfect fit, but hell, I can't be bothered to do that, don't want to spend such money and so far, I haven't found a good tailor here. What can I do to improve the silhouette then? This time, I am layering it with a black cheap little cotton cardigan on top. The cardigan is fitted with puffy little princess sleeves, which flatters most shapes and sizes. The cardigan is from Fa Yuen St market (HK$39).

The Belt & The Skirt

A little touch of's from H&M (HK$129), faux leather with stretchy material. I like stretchy belts, it fits my waist perfectly and allows me to sit & eat comfortably.

The black chiffon layered skirt hides my dodgy bits perfectly, and it gives princess-like feel to it. I regretted not buying extra pieces, in case this one falls apart. From Zara (HK$259 and it is worth every penny)

The Tights

Solid, opaque blacks give slimming effect to my stumpy, tree-trunk-ish, elephant-esque legs. The tiny little bows added the extra sweet touch. It is from Fa Yuen St Market (HK$19/pair)

The Heels You Can Commute In

Finding the perfect shoes has always been my lifelong battle. I've tried cheap shoes (HK$20), I've tried expensive shoes (HK$1800), and so far, there's no such thing as a pair of comfy high heels for me. If I could die because of fashion, it would be because of high heeled shoes. They are killing my feet! This pair is from Scholl, the comfortable high heels collection. I've bought them from Sogo (HK$499), and yet, I can only commute in them, spend the rest of the day sitting in the office and walk the minimum walk on my office's thick carpeted floor. I can't stand a day of shopping wearing these shoes, no matter how comfortable they were advertised as.

The Bag

There were moments when I love designer bags. LV, Ferragamo, Prada, Celine, Burberry, name it. Then, I downgraded myself to cheap street market bags. That didn't work out so well. The bags normally deteriorated after just 1 month. So far, I am loving this bag from H&M (HK$49). The "leather" is soft, the black doesn't look cheap, the shape fits me well, it can hold my day to day rubbish and it is super light. I added a touch of gold by tying gold hearts hair bands from Primark, London (GBP2 for a set of 3).

The Bits & Pieces

I am just counting on 2 watches. A gold and a silver. This gold one is from Patrick Cox (HK$999). I love the monogrammed face, the size is just perfect for my wrist and it goes well with almost everything I have.

Like it? Hate it? What else do you think I should do to improve? (Don't ask me to lose weight though)


Arrowouiz said...

You had a good & nice look !! Seriously ~

Anonymous said...

It looks great on you. Salam kenal btw, I love hongkong, the food, the shopping...:)