Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bday Buffet Dinner Outfit

What to wear when...
- going to a buffet dinner full of yummy food = something with elastic band for maximum capacity, yet slimming enough to survive the buffet aftermath
- there will be a photo opportunity = gotta be cute
- it is in a hip district = gotta be different from the whole crowd of hip hop inspired minidresses/microminis/shorts with knee high boots and baseball caps.

So I ended up with this outfit.
Dress = navy blue polka dot summer dress with elastic band, from This Fashion, Singapore, SGD19.90
Turtle neck tee = cotton fuchsia, remixed
Cardigan = grey with floral pattern from H&M
Belt = stretchy with jewelled buckle, from H&M, remixed
Necklace = vintage inspired from H&M, HK$59
Tights = purple from Ladies Market, Mongkok, HK$29
Bag = light brown sling from H&M, remixed
Shoes = light brown pumps from Union, remixed

This outfit pretty much accomplished all its missions.
PS. I can't wear high heels, I kept a spare flip flops in my bag, just in case, but I survived these shoes and looked fantastically taller the whole night. Yay!

Check out my ultimate birthday indulgence here.

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