Saturday, December 6, 2008

Real-earthy Checks

I always love checkered patterns. I was thrilled when they became in this year. This is one of my favorite pieces. Mini shirt dress with rounded collar and bias cut flared bottom (HK$59, Fa Yuen St Market). I love the earthy tones too, it is super flattering on my skin. When it's warm, I wore this on its own. Today was rather chilly (12C lowest temperature), so I slapped on a neutral black cotton turtle neck tee (HK$49, In Fashion, Mongkok) and super dark jeans (Rp.199.000, Metro at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta).

The "Precious" old gold necklace (A gift from my sis. From Diva, Mall Ciputra, Jakarta) added the much needed bling.

I couldn't have possibly survived a day of shopping in heels. I put on this pair of raggedy old Chinese style satin flats (again, a gift from my sis. I bet you wish she were your sis now HAHA). I just love the brown and pale pink color combo. Sadly, even in these flats, my feet suffered. Sigh. My shoes related eternal quest for the perfect comfy pair...I think it could be a 400 pages epic novel. Hmm, make it a trilogy.

This picture was taken in Prince Edward Station. Passerbys were wondering what the heck I was doing with my leg up against a pillar (peeing doggie style?), and I had to be quick, before the station guards noticed.

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