Thursday, December 4, 2008

Geometric Chic

Layering 2 summer outfits are just perfect for today's pleasant temperature of 21-23C. The old black chiffon shirt is from Veeko (I can't remember the price), the chiffon geometric patterned dress is from a shop called Lady Story at Yaumatei MTR (HK$119). The pair of plain black opaque tights is from Mong Kok's ladies market (HK$39)

I am feeling silver-ish today. Thus the accessories.
Why do I love belts? Despite the fun of being offered seats on trains/bus, I don't enjoy being mistaken for being pregnant. Thus, belts belts belts!

Black stretchy, satiny belt with jewelled buckle. From H&M (HK$129)

This sweet lil' pair of heels (from Union, HK$250) damaged my feet...but look at them! As always, they felt comfy when I tried them in the shop, walkin' on the thick and plush carpeted floor of the shop. But as soon as I got home, my blind faith bit me in the azz.

Without my morning coffee, I am just a walkin' & talkin' zombie. My poison of choice is...whatever's free from office's coffee machine. ^_^


Arrowouiz said...

Your shoes looked great !! ^.^

dewi said...

tips: wear flipflops or flat shoes on the way to the office, change to the fab 'beauty is pain' pretty shoes just before u hit the lobby :D

Evimeinar said...

gw suka atasannya boooo
sayang disini gak bs dipake hari gini... udah masuk -12C