Monday, December 29, 2008

Bday Outfit

Should I dress my own age? I'll be damned! Not that I plan to be 18 forever. Hmm, maybe throw a couple of years to that. Haha!

What should my bday outfit be? Something fancy? A night gown? A ball gown? A cocktail dress? Nope. I kept it casual this year, I wore my hair down, no hair product, no curling iron. Just my big, frizzy hair.

I wish I were one of those girls who look fantastic without a single touch of make up...naturally rosy cheeks, lusciously long, dark lashes, and sweet ruby red lips. No, Siree. I look like crap without make up, and I am old and wise enough to realise this (check out my beauty routine
here). At my age (ehm!), I need all the help I could get looking all cute. This year, I was determined to indulge the lil' kid in me (again?!!)

I went to Whampoa Garden's Jusco and took quite a number of pictures with shameless poses, fighting for great spots in front of the colorful teddy bears against lil' kids and ehm, crying babies. Needless to say, this auntie scared most of the kids away.

I didn't stop there. I went to the game arcade and feasted my eyes on these colorful cuties in a hole. I looked like the grumpy doraemon on the 2nd row.

Maybe a game or two? Bah! I am crap at these games. It would be like throwing my hard earned money into the toilet bowl.

Couldn't stand to indulge the auntie in me and posed in front of this sparkly bling bling wall.
Top = cotton embroidered puffy top, from In Fashion, Mong Kok, remix
under shirt = fuchsia cotton turtle neck tee, from Fa Yuen St Market, remix
Jeans mini = from Body and Shop Jakarta, remix
Batik scarf = from Batik Keris, Jakarta, Rp.16.000
Bracelet = golden snow, Christmas gift from Amy
Bag = from H&M, Christmas gift from Annie
Boots = from Argyle Center, remix

Check out where I dined that day.

Sigh. Another year younger, none the wiser.

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Anonymous said...

Batik scarfnya beli di Jkt dimana? cantik lho!