Sunday, December 7, 2008

Spend Less - Get More

One of my favorite ways to spend less on fashion = buy last season's items. I've been eyeing this black and white houndstooth mini dress since last winter, when it was still HK$99. Finally, I've bought it yesterday for HK$49 (at Fa Yuen St Market)!!! Nothing's sweeter than a good deal ^_^.

The picture was taken in a park near Langham Place, Mongkok. You could clearly tell that the uncle behind me could not stand my ridiculously childish behavior. Haha, like I care!

I paired the dress with fuchsia cotton turtle neck (HK$39 Fa Yuen St Market - is there anything on me that's not from Fa Yuen St Market??!!!). The dress is a bit too short to wear without a bottom (1 lil bend and I would've tortured the world with the sight of my huge azz), so I wore it with a jeans skirt (Body and Soul, Taman Anggrek, Jakarta - stolen from my sis HAHA). The white "Channel-esque" (not Chanel) quilted bag's from the old Argyle center (HK$99), as well as the pair of white boots (HK$129), both circa last winter.

I am not the kind of girl who will follow every season's trends. I normally buy stuff which never goes out of style. Bring on last season's stuff! Not being trendy finally pays off.

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