Thursday, December 18, 2008

Indonesianize Me

There were moments when I added a batik scarf to anything I wear, especially to jazz up all black business suits. I probably own at least 10 cheap batik scarves in assorted colors, which are now mostly used for food photo taking for Mochachocolata-Rita :p

One fine day, I was in the mood for a dash of batik, instead of the whole head to toe, huge batik dress I pulled this blue and white baby out of the food-photograhy-accessories bag, and tied it around my neck. Not too flight attendant-ish I hope. It's cool to be out and about in Hong Kong wearing batik...since nobody has it! HA!

Top = vintage chiffon shirt with details on shoulder
Black cotton cardigan = Fa Yuen St Market, HK$39
Black skirt = In Fashion, HK$69
Black belt = H&M, HK$129
Scarf = Batik Keris, Jakarta, Rp.16.000
Bag = Coach (HK$2500)
Faux Pearl Necklace = Argyle centre
Black velvet boots = Tiffany, HK$199 (I love black velvet/faux suede cheap boots, as they look expensive-ish, as black as midnight. I hate black faux leather as they look like rubbish collector's boots on my elephant legs)

The scarf is now back to its food photography duties.


Indonesia-Eats said...

Love your outfits! Hikss I can wear those kinds on fall

rita bellnad said...

I like that batik thingies, I wish I could have a chance borong di jateng sono hehehe.... cool outfit Rit !