Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thrifted Tiered Polka Dotted Dress

A dress from my latest thrift haul.
Tiered bottom conceals my giant bum.
Puffy sleeves balances my proportion.
Polka dots?
I just love em dots.

Turtle neck, tights & faux leather jacket (not pictured) to keep me warm.
It's 12-13C out there today.

turtleneck tee = random brandless from in fashion
dress = thrifted
belt = H&M
necklaces = H&M and random brandless
tights = brandless
shoes = H&M


Mrs Ergül said...

I'm so looking forward to that weather in HK! I'm leaving for HK tonight!

This tiered dress is so vintage! And it is in such good condition!

Connie said...

wut da heck.. how is it that u can just throw on all these totally mismatched, colour-clashing and sometimes wacky-looking garments together yet somehow always end up looking pretty fab??

all these outfits would never work on me!!!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Mrs Ergül enjoy HK, lemme know if you need any info etc :D

connie darl...they will! come to papa for some serious thrifting session :D