Monday, December 14, 2009

SS501 Persona Concert Hong Kong 2009

What did I do last weekend?
I went to watch SS501 Hong Kong concert in Asia World Arena.
It's the most expensive concert I've ever been to (HK$980 standing area), beating Black Eyed Peas (HK$580) and Pussycat Dolls (HK$680).

Was it worth it?

I am not a fanatic fan of the group, or the leader, but since some of my really good friends are huge fans, I was totally curious to see the group in person.
Boy, how expensive my curiosity is.
Plus, I wanted to practice taking pictures in a concert.
Plus plus, I know and enjoy most of their songs.

I used my humble ol' Canon EOS400D and el cheapo zoom lens (55-250mm f/4-5.6), and I am pretty pleased with the results. I got some decent portraits, action shots and some cool bokeh too! Click the above pictures to view more from my flickr photostream of the concert.

Which are my favorite moments from the concert:
- When they turned off the lights and I saw an ocean of twinkling green lights from the group's fans. Awesome!
- When bubbles were blown onto the stage during some performances, magical!
- When Park Jung Min sang Leslie Cheung's song, Chase, and the audience sang along with him, I got goosebumps.
- Seeing Park Jung Min took a rabbit hat and a huge carrot soft toy from fans, and proceeded to wear them. How sweet~!
- When Kim Hyun Joong stared into my lens, I felt so caught in the act, it scared the shit outta me, the pics ended up blurry :D despite not being a big fan, I must admit that he is much more good looking in person than in Boys over Flowers drama.
- At the end of the show, dancers, fans and the singers threw water at each other, and a world of party confetti cascaded down from was...HIGH.

Loved it.

What did I wear?

Comfy tee from Disney (HK$160), the day was too hot to wear winter clothes.
I needed the freedom of pants, so I put on a black legging and since I'd have to stand for a long time, low heeled boots and I threw on some rocker chic accessories and a feather/rock hair band. A thin jacket in my bag just in case it gets colder.

It was one heck of a night.


Ashley said...

I love concerts and I am going to see Lady Gaga this weekend :)

Your outfit for the concert: DAMN CUTE!!!

Robin said...

I love how you styled that tshirt! Been interested to see it since you bought it. Wonder if I have any similar cute t-shirts I could do that with....

imelda said...

great concert pictures!!!