Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Decor the Holidays

Is it weird that I only started really decorating on Boxing day?

It's because the Christmas & Bday bash I was hosting happened only on 27th :P
You've seen the tree.
I needed something for my walls, so here we go again...

Gift wrapping papers~

...a santa that I cut off from free newspaper :D

and some magazine/newspaper cut outs on framed plain paper.

Please please please get better wrapping paper than the one I used.


Jackie said...

Bahahaha, your decorations are hilarious! Very inventive ;) I particularly liked the candle arrangement, though. Very cute.

Jax x

LyddieGal said...

I love your framed wrapping paper, it's so cute. I have a framed gift bag - it was of NYC in rockefeller center with the tree and such - much too cute to give away!

Rica said...

This is so cute, Rita! This is one good decoration for Christmas. Christmas only comes once a year and it's very very unreasonable if you purchase Christmas decorations for an expensive price. Unless you want to go with the classical, boring decos for Christmas.. LOL.