Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Instant Glamour - The Long Curly Hair You Always Wanted But Never Had

My good friend.
She has very fine baby hair.
She wants volume.
She wants length.
She wants curls.

...and we found an easy way.
The answer = easy extensions.
Don't knock it, till you try it.

Check it out:
First, lift up about top 1/4 of your hair...if you are doing this yourself, tie it up.

It looks like the shop owner was torturing her...but really, she wasn't.

The extension is a row of easy-to-clip-on beautiful long curls, simply clip on upper part of your hair:


Release the top part of your hair to cover the extension...

Ta da!!!....

Long, voluminous curls you always wanted.

How much?
Dirt-cheap! HK$98 only!!!
It comes in various colors.
You can totally wash it. Delicately.
- Highly addictive (when you hear "oh, so pretty!" so many times, you might never wanna step out in public with your real hair only, ever!)
- It is synthetic hair (cos real hair at HK$98 would
- Do not expect the quality of real hair, especially after washing
- My friend has not worn this to bed, know...we don't know :D
- The weight might be overwhelming at first, but my friend said she got used to it pretty quickly (after few hours)
- Do not comb la!~

Where to get this?
Sino Plaza, Nathan Road, Mongkok
Ground floor, one of those cube shops.

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Robin said...

I've been itching for extensions forever! Thanks for the cool post- her hair looks fantastic.