Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gold Navy - Thrift Love

This is my best thrift catch ever!
Love love LOVE this navy jacket with gold buttons and trimmings.
Love at first sight.
I'd be crying on the thrifted shop's floor if this jacket didn't fit.
But it did!
I could've been jumping shamelessly with joy.
But I had company (hi, sis!), so I didn't :D

Fits me perfectly.
Navy is a good color on me.
Chanelesque cut.
Super warm for winter.
A few missing buttons but we could swap the buttons around.
Excellent thrift pricing.
It glams up my cheap combos instantly!

jacket = thrifted
turtleneck = in fashion
skirt = cotton on
belt = H&M
tights = random no brand
shoes = H&M

1 comment:

hongkytonk said...

feel free to do so next time!
i may start to do it next time we go. i chickened out wearing my ethnic-y cardy today.