Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Softies - The Outfit that Made Me Sick

The news said it was gonna be around 20C that day.
Never trust the news?
It was so damn cold, I fell sick.
I went home with a terrible sore throat, pounding headache and a fever.
Grrrr....luckily, I think I was sick in style.
I love the soft shades on this outfit, it was just for the wrong weather.

turtleneck tee = old U2
cardi = fa yuen st market
skirt = cotton on
belt = H&M
shoes = fa yuen st market
necklace = metroplaza, kwai fong


Mrs Ergül said...

i love the colour scheme too!

Jackie said...

You may have got ill but you look SUPER CUTE!

Jax x