Monday, December 7, 2009

Hong Kong Disneyland Fashion Sightings & Shopping

I am a sucker for theme parks.
Thus my visit to Hong Kong Disneyland last Saturday.
I don't care how petite, how lacking, I still bloody love it.
What did I wear?
My favorite thrifted shirt, a sparkly sweater dress, dark jeans, comfy shoes, my favorite brooch, and of course, minnie's ears = a must!

Now, are you man enough to pull of "the girlfriend's jeans"?
Yep, sc was wearing my grey acid wash skinny jeans.
Damn, they look better on him???
His old comfy tee from i.t., a beanie, a hoodie (not pictured) and comfy cotton "these are not shoes" shoes.
Explaining the pose..."it says push, not pull"
Plus, it's hard to pull if you're standing on the doors. Duh!
What did we see?

I guess Disney means business.
Full business suit and leather shoes kinda business.
What did we like?

This girl's adorable outfit!
From polka dotted cardi, subtle minnie's bow, and that cute tigger's tail.
What did we buy?

This tee, HK$160, large. I plan to wear this as a dress, mix and match it with my thrifted goods.

The Donald, M. Not a good size for me, it fits sc perfectly.
What did I almost buy?

This bitchin' pair of glasses.
SC said no.
I regret not buying.

More fun from Hong Kong Disneyland to follow...


dewi said...

cute t-shirt dress.
i like the angry donald tho.
shud buy the wacky glasses ;)

Jackie said...

Um, jealous! I still haven't been to the HK Disneyland. Next trip out: you, me and cameras!

Jax x