Monday, December 21, 2009

Hilarious HK$100 Christmas Gift Exchange

We were told to buy a gift that's worth HK$100 or more (not a cent less).
What did I buy? Check it out here.

What did my crazy coworkers buy?

First crazy gift = HK$100 worth of Chung Hwa pencils
Gosh, I wish the recipient loves to...write? sketch?

Here's another...HK$100 worth of vaseline.
She's gonna get really really moist (that sounds so wrong!).

This one's too sick!

A hair dryer...for HIM!
Someone said, maybe use the dryer for other parts of his legs? :D

and....the creme de la creme...

HOT Leng Mo Calendar...featuring Chrissie Chow!

...of cos, accompanied by the essential, packs of tissue!

That even says..."Marry Chrissie Max"

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