Monday, December 7, 2009

Arty or not, you'll be able to enjoy this mix of old and new Hong Kong.
If you haven't been there, go.
The exhibit ends on Dec 9th.

Great way to meet new people.
A sure-fire opening line:
"hmmm, wat do you think of this piece?"
"...errr it's our store room, maam"
OK, maybe not.

Boys and girls, please don't do this.
The risk is just too great.

Think of all the nostalgia...
Admit it, you've cried your pants off watching her as Huan Zhu Gege.

At least think of all the great shots you're gonna get...
This is not art.
It's just blurry.

Enjoy the rest of my photostream by clicking below photo.

I lied almost flat on the floor to get this shot.
Does that count as art?
Sadly, no.

1 comment:

dewi said...

always love heritage buildings,
especially love the Huan Zhu Gege admiration wall (or is it a door?)
great colors.