Monday, December 7, 2009

Hong Kong Christmas Trees

First things first.
These lucky bamboos would make gorgeous fusion xmas trees, don't you think?
They're green and cone shaped, perfect!
Stick a star on top, twirl some fairy lights around...
Damn, too late. I already have two xmas trees at home now.
Maybe next year.

I can't believe that I've been living in Hong Kong for over 7 years, I've been in, out, and around Prince Edward flower market and I have not noticed the real Christmas trees!
I thought they're just a myth!

So, when I saw them, I sniffed the heck outta almost every single one of them.
I always wanted to know how a real Christmas tree smells like.
It was one heck of an experience.
It's nothing like those cleaning products/soaps marked "pine".
I wish I could bring home this baby...

Don't even think about this one...

But no worries, there is still hope.

You can choose these bright green ones...for HK$79

Or these cute mini ones...perfect for office.

Or these babies with built in illusion of snow....

But finally, I chose this baby...
Medium sized, robin egg's plastic pot...just for HK$48!
It's a steal, really...

I need some fairy lights and tiny xmas ornaments to go with my first real tree.

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