Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Party Games

We had our work Christmas party last week.
If you are the lucky person who needs party games ideas, here are some games we played.
We had too much fun playing em!

First game: Bring Me.
Nothing new and too stressful for me, but I've always been amazed by my colleagues' creativity.
We had to bring things to make up the word SNOWMAN, and there's a certain quantity requirement for each item making up each alphabet.
My team passed with flying colors. What did we bring?

S = 8 x scarves and shoes
N = 9 x necklaces and napkins
O = 10 x orange juice and octopus cards
W = 8 x watches
M = 9 x mobile phones
A = 10 x our team tag (we're team A, thank god! other teams snatched all the almonds from the snack bar)
N = 8 x napkins
The fastest team wins.

Second game, we played "Name That Tune".
We asked our non English speakers to spontaneously sing old Cantonese songs (HAH!)

Did each team have a hard time guessing the tunes?

The fastest team to name the tune wins. You bet your ass they did, but some people have been living in karaoke rooms long enough to succeed. Our team? Sucked big time. We didn't guess any single song right.

Third game was "Pass the Christmas Stick"
Team members were lined, boy, girl alternate.
Team members had to hold a straw with their lips and nose, and pass it to the next person, who's a member of opposite sex.

Like this...

The team with most straws within a specified amount of time, wins. We did pretty well because I wasn't in the game :D

The last game we played? The Drunken Santa game.
You're blindfolded, you're decked in ridiculous santa outfit, you have to hold your ear and turn 10 times, get completely dizzy...and you need to find your way to a chair with a ballon on its seat on the other side, sit on it and pop the balloon.

Team members can only help you into your santa gear and direct you verbally. No touching of any kind is allowed.

Drunken santa indeed.

Our team ends up winning the HK$9000 grand prize, solely because of this game.
Again, because I was not playing it :p
I am such a blessing for my team, I know :D

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Mrs Ergül said...

it looks like a lot of fun!