Friday, November 20, 2009

So Not in the Mood

Wot? Not in the mood?
Perhaps...I've forgotten that today is FRIDAY???!!!
As in...Thank God It's FRIDAY?
As in...tonight you can play all you want and go crazy?
As in...tomorrow no work?
As in...hello weekend?

I dunno.

Maybe it's the bright blue sky...
Maybe it's the air...
Maybe it's in my antihistamines.

Love winter, hate allergies.

I am wearing a boring crap today, so I am posting an outfit I wore recently, which somehow went unposted.

top = thrifted
jacket = lady story
belt = orange, jakarta
skirt = cotton on
tights = random no name
bag and shoes = H&M

I was initially excited about going shoe shopping, but not anymore. (WOTTT???!!!)

Don't listen to my. I am absurd.
Go ahead and enjoy your weekend, then tell me all about it.


DHallPortraits said...

JUST FOUND YOUR SITE- I'm a thrifting ho too! just started but am totally addicted. I alter their state and resew into new garments. You should see my thrifted collection - waiting to be sewn. No pics posted on my sewing blog yet - but I will share when I get some taken! Love this blog - thanks!!

Robin said...

You are just the cutest. Love the skirt!

Anonymous said...

I love how it's all different colours and the detail on your jacket. I'm seriously going to come and bundle you up cause this is so cute!