Thursday, November 5, 2009

Working Lace

Add sheer black lace top to spice up any shirt. I love mine with slightly puffy sleeves to balance my upper body to my giant lower body ^_^. Too bad this photograph doesn't show the pattern of the thrifted shirt, it's pale robin egg's blue dotted with palest, creamiest beige brown, echoed in the color of my pumps. I heart polka dots.

I also love mixing patterns and textures when wearing mostly blacks. In this case, lace top, flowy chiffon tiered skirt and patterned tights, with plain thin jacket and faux leather bag.

Slap on a sparkly old gold cheap necklace and a black rose ring, for luck ^_^

Lace top = Maple, HK$59
Pale polka dot shirt = thrifted
skirt = Zara, HK$259
tights = Fa Yuen St market, HK$19
faux fur, faux suede pumps = Argyle Center, HK$50
Jacket = In Fashion, HK$109
necklace = random shop in Tsuen Wan, HK$20
Bag = H&M, HK$49
black rose ring = random shop in Yaumatei, HK$10

1 comment:

FriendzCentury said...

Nice outfit, and a big Yay to polka dots. I'd love to get my hands on a piece of the J.Choo x H&M collection too, but I can just imagine the queues.