Monday, November 23, 2009

Finally Something I Can Commute In

I want the perfect heels (albeit low), something that I can commute in, other than sneakers, flats (I find most flats are painful too), boots, and chunky sandals. I've found just the one.
The heels are just the perfect height for me (in terms of comfort, not appearance), the front isn't too narrow (those deform my feet), and the detailing made it look sweet but not diabetic sweet.
These are from Marks and Spencer's foot glove, HK$595 (pricey but I need them!)

What a girl to do when exposed to many pairs of shoes?

Buy more than 1 pair of course.
I was wondering if there's such thing as a pair of comfy heels, and when I tried these on, I was so convinced that these are the ones!
I walked almost the entire upper floor of M&S, for a few rounds and I was still standing. So I bought these suede number (HK$350), in prettiest shade of blue (that I don't have), despite every reason not to.

I wanted them to immediately run on a test drive, so I walked out in them.

Guess what?
They deformed my feet within 5 seconds walking in the real world.
Sigh. I will be wearing these when all I need to do is jump in and out of taxi, with a pair of emergency flip flops in my handbag.

I showed sous chef the black pair. He doesn't need to know about these blue ones, now, does he? ^_*


Anonymous said...

i thought the same when i bought a pair of heels in marks & spencer last year LOL

FriendzCentury said...

I tried on the blue suede pair too and they look divine, especially the contrast heel. However, they killed my feet whilst I was still in the shop so I passed.

Duni said... You can never have enough of them :)
I do find the first pair very pretty! They're the perfect choice for commuting.

have a good week,