Monday, November 2, 2009

My Halloween Non Costume

Are you a costume party person or a party pooper?
I shameless me won't hesitate to dress up in costumes. I am a sucker for costumes and parties.

So, what did I finally wear for Halloween?
Did I go as a slutty chef?
Slutty hello kitty?
Slutty char siew bao?
Slutty devil? witch?
or simply a slut?
Ehm, none of the above.

The procrastination resulted in....wearing whatever I had in the shade of black and grey...borrowed some of sous chef's rocker earrings and accessories...and quickly, desperately slapped on a devil red ox horns headband (from last year) on the last minute, for the sake of wearing something remotely Halloween. I was the epitome of a halloween cliche.

How about make up?
Some cool, realistic looking scars?
Blood or black tears?

Just black and sparkly liners plus red lips.
...and I was already late to meet my friend for a Halloween photo taking spree.

Off to take pictures of some outrageous monsters....

Click on below picture to check out what kind of scary characters appeared that night in Lan Kwai Fong. Glad to see that the city still knows how to partee!
Should you be afraid of the crowd and steer clear of LKF?
Nope. The crowd wasn't that bad, the police managed the crowd very well, close to the point where it was almost no fun ^_^

Next year, I planned to be taken in photographs, not taking. I shall search for the perfect costume earlier (yeah, yeah. same promise every year).

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