Friday, November 13, 2009

Too Matchy Matchy

Recently, i love putting lots of patterns and colors together...this outfit felt wayyy too matchy matchy for me. Black denim + black denim? eeecckk!

But I love the thrifted shirt, it has a very subtle embossed checkered pattern with some shiny dots, and it has two adorable little pockets on the chest. will wear it differently to show them off next time.

Wore this ensemble to work. Yay to casual Fridays ^_^

jacket = in fashion, HK$109
shirt = thrifteddd
skirt = zara, HK$299 (ouch!)
necklace = kwai chung plaza, HK$49
earrings = sous chef's
socks = bossini, probably more expensive than my thrifted shirts (sigh)
shoes = H&M, HK$399 (ouch ouch ouch!)


Anonymous said...

i like how the color of the shirt makes your outfit pop!

myself said...


myself said...