Friday, November 27, 2009

Thrift Mix

I just whacked this thrifted dress short. I was so ecstatic when I retrieved the dress back from the tailor, and also worried...I haven't had many clothes tailored in Hong Kong, I was worried that I might have just ruined a nice thrift find :(

Yes I did. The tailor shortened the dress just fine, but he whacked the inner lining too short, it barely covers...anything. Sob sob.

Luckily I could still wear this with a super opaque tights.. T_T

shirt = thrifted
mini dress = thrifted, altered
belt = orange, jakarta
tights = no name
shoes = vincci, kuala lumpur

Check out how the dress looked like before it was altered.


secondskins said...

That is such a cute outfit you put together. I love your style :)

Jackie said...

Oh you DID get it altered! Sad face! But it still looks cute, so don't worry too much. It's a different look and that's okay =)

Jax x

Duni said...

OH, yeah...the lining is too short now, but you teamed it up perfectly with those tights!

Anonymous said...

hi rita...the dress looks nicer in its original length :)

Sushma said...

Now you have to let us in on where exactly your thrift store finds come from! i'm a bargain junkie as well and head mostly to the back alley stores in Mongkok for my vintage fix.

Love your sense of style