Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Finally, it's cold enough to wear a jacket

Finally, autumn is here...the temperature dropped to below 20C and it's cool enough for us to wear our jackets (purchased during summer sale ^_^)

I've been wanting to wear this gingham checkered jacket with a cool emblem the whole freaking summer! As always, I paired pattern with another pattern, and tie them together with colors.

Dusted my old red ferragamo bag and brought her out. She's been staying in the closet for the longest time! Don't you love her embossed monogram?

Happy autumn, everyone!

Top = from Galeri Keris, Jakarta
Skirt = G2000
Jacket = Lady Story sale, HK$79
Shoes = Vincci, KL
Bag = Ferragamo, bought in Singapore, circa 2001


Connie said...

but not cold enough to wear my uggs! i've had them since june!!!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Connie...go to beijing and rock your uggs hehehe

heidi leon said...

love the outfit, specially the shoes!!!