Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Cardi Love

Another piece I couldn't wait to wear....finally it is warm enough to wear this.
My old self would totally dismiss this blue , but my new grey-accepting self lovessss it.
It matches my new heels!

Love the sleeves, love the zipper! Not another button down cardi.
Wore this ensemble to work, may have to change the cardi to suit jacket in the office...and I'll have to wear my black commute-friendly shoes and change to heels at work, or I might never get to work T_T

cardi = no name, fa yuen st market, HK$69
turtleneck = in fashion, HK$39
skirt = cotton on, HK$99
tights = no name, HK$39
shoes = M&S, HK$350


FriendzCentury said...

That's a fantastic thrift find you have there, the details on the cardi makes it that much more interesting.
Great outfit!!

Mrs Ergül said...

That is a very unique cardigan!! I love tights! The few I got from my last trip in HK turned out a little too short. Do you know where I can get good ones in HK? HKD39 is pretty reasonable!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

i get most of my tights from no name shops all around (fa yuen st market, argyle center).

choose M/L or ask the shop keeper to get longer ones.

Mrs Ergül said...

Cool thanks! I will be putting up at Sincere House so both of those places are very near to where I will be! Thanks!