Friday, November 6, 2009

I Heart Union Jack Pattern

Time for some comfy weekend outfit inspiration...

Whenever I visit sous chef's parents...I need to wear long legwear...jeans (no matter how much I hate wearing jeans), pajama bottoms (yes, I wear sleepwear out), or leggings.

Why? They have two very cute and super active dogs, who get super excited whenever they see you, and scratch the heck outta your legs.

I put together something and white cotton ensemble..with a touch of blue, white and red from the union jack pattern.

I couldn't help but purchase these heels the moment I saw them.

hat = sous chef's from i.t
tee = kwai chung plaza, HK$39
necklace = fa yuen st market, HK$10
tights = argyle center, HK$39
shoes = argyle center, HK$129
bag = coach, circa 2003?
wore this last weekend to dinner with sous chef's family

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