Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thrifted Goodies from Sham Shui Po

I love nothing more than strolling around old districts of Hong Kong...scoring great pictures and more importantly...feeding my shopaholic soul with thrifted goods!
Look at this baby....

Love the emblem, love the gold details, love the wrinkled leather, the handle...

...and the checkered lining. LOVE!
The vendor must have sniffed my oozing enthusiasm, she refused to give me even a single cent of discount. Damn! I should act cool, pretend to leave, etc...next time, but it's gonna be hard.

What else did I get?

An old playboy magazine. Ohhhh...I love the covers! Not too much skin, with just enough vintageness. I wish I could get some posters....

A lovely Marilyn inspired shot inside, and look at that font. Love that font.

That reminds me....I am in Hong Kong, so I gotta get something local too.

An old penthouse from 1989. Look at that sweet innocence, just enough touch of sluttiness, don't you think?


It isn't 80s without a good dose of big hair.

A very fruitful trip....let's see where I'll go next week.


Greentea00 said...

where in shum shui po ? the bag is lovely...i wonder where i can find some vintage stuff in hk...but still clean and good condition..

Mochachocolata Rita said...

found it somewhere around apliu and peiho st, shamshuipo.

you gotta scan those stalls carefully, girl.
thrifting in hong kong isn't that easy. there are so many "boutiques" selling vintage goods, but they are bloody expensive :(