Monday, November 16, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M Madness in Hong Kong

Last Saturday, H&M started selling Jimmy Choo for H&M in Hong Kong.
I expected a major madness, pull-her-hair-elbow-her-outta-the-way madness.

The above picture was taken at 10:54 AM, in front of H&M Central.
It didn't look so mad, right?
Hong Kongers aren't early risers after all.

Once the queueing crowd was let in, the police (yeah! the police!) removed the metal barriers.

I took a shot's a mad mad MAD world inside.
I was promptly told not to take photographs. Naturally. :p

The remnants from the early morning queue.

Soon, more fashionistas flocked in front of the window, gauging their chances inside...boyfriends cursing H&M/designers/fashion in general, and random uncles wondering what was all the fuss about.

Hop over to H&M's site to view the collection.
Did I get any? All I got were these shots. :p


LyddieGal said...

I don't understand the madness - I thought H&M was supposed to be an affordable store 'for the rest of us'.
But the Jimmy Choos start at $70, which may be affordable for the brand - but that is what you are paying for - a name!

dewi said...

great ;p now we can tease anyone who bought the 'original (super-expensive)' jimmy choo with a super annoying question... "aha... did u buy that at H&M???" ;)

Jason said...

wow, madness indeed! I did not expect the POLICE!! When similar x-over is to be introduced here in HK, I will be there ... to take pictures! haha

Mrs Ergül said...

I will like to go to H&M when I get to Hk! May I know which is the biggest store in HK? How big is the one at Langham Place in comparison? That is the one closet to where I will be staying at for the first two days :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi, i think the one in central is the biggest. but if you want a less crowded H&M, go to the one in elements shopping mall (kowloon MTR station, tung chung line)

Mrs Ergül said...

Thanks for the info Rita!