Monday, November 16, 2009

Sloppy Comfy Photohunting Weekend

Cool weather, muted soft sunlight means....a busy weekend!

We went to Hong Kong Botanical and Zoological Garden in Central to photograph some animals. A mini version of a zoo...there are...lots of birds and plants, an alligator, a giant snake, a bunch of monkeys and raccoon. Should we still call it a zoo? I wish we had a proper zoo in Hong Kong. I love zoos (I love seeing cute animals without having to take care of them heheh...).

The animals were caged. It made photographing them super challenging!!! Photographing is one thing, but living the experience is another thing. Despite the cage, I found myself enjoying my stroll in the park, checking out the amusing antics of the monkeys, admiring rare animals and flowers...and being equally amused by other patrons of the park.

Here are some shots from the trip, click on the pics to view the whole set.
Reminds me of snowflakes and Christmas...and I love love LOVE the muted colors.

The golden lil monkeys from Brazil. Looking out thinking....freedom?

Check out the parks website here:
Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden

sweat shirt = kwai chung plaza, HK$45
shorts = Padini, Kuala Lumpur
belt = Ladies market, Mongkok, HK$10
scarf = Tsuen Wan, HK$20
tights = H&M
shoes = H&M (grey striped) and i.t (polka dot)
hat = black H&M, or blue from i.t (borrowed from sous chef)

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frometomi said...

I adore those leggings.

Oh animals! *runs off to coo