Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grey Brown Gold

My latest favorite thrift catch!
A full dress that fits me, in perfect condition, and it's dirt cheap!
It's probably too big for the mostly svelte locals to wear :p
Sometimes it's good to be chubby ^_*

I paired it with brown and gold bits to give it a different feel from the black tights, black shoes and black accessories combo. I'll do that look next time when it's cooler.

I am thinking to chop off the dress and turn it into a mini dress...what do you think, guys?

dress = thrifted
belt & necklace = H&M
shoes = kwai chung plaza


LyddieGal said...

I think it would be adorable as a mini dress - and chubby? That's laughable!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

lol. seriously.
i am always the biggest in most gym classes...and no-brand generic pants never ever fit me T_T
the pressure of living in hong kong...sobs...

but it scored me this dress, so i am happy heheheh

FriendzCentury said...

I agree with LyddieGal it would look superb as a mini dress. You are by no means chubby dear lady, but I can understand the pressure of shopping in HK. The tiny dress sizes HK has to offer are just ridiculous.

Duni said...

grey. brown. gold. - kinda sounds like the weather over here. Hahaha.

NOOOO, don't chop it off. That length gives it just the right retro feel.

Oh, and you're not chubby - where did you get that idea?!

btw, I think your blog is great, so I have given you an award. Do check it out when you have time:)

Jackie said...

I agree with Duni - don't chop it off! It's super awesome as is, and if you cut it short it'd be a waste of a good vintage dress. Keep it the length it is, girl!

Love it. Love your thrift finds, jealous as heck.

Jax x