Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Better Late Than Never - Joining #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

Boring Work Combo
I've decided to join this cool project, #365FASHIONRESHUFFLE which is quite a commitment, since we all know that I have good days, bad days, worse days and shit days. I normally post what I think are good days, and sometimes, when I was hit by a crazy stick, I'd wanna share my shit days.

I'll try my best and see how many good, bad, worse and shit I have ;)
Wish me luck!

This is a super boring combo I wear today to work. I hardly wear mostly grays or blacks but decided to do so today, as I have a business meeting scheduled.

I love this jacket (today it's a cold day), and will post details of this jacket later ;)
Boring Work Combo
Top = thrifted
Striped long baggy sweater dress and scarf = Kwai Chung Plaza
Leggings and jacket = Uniqlo
Shoes = Marks & Spencer's


Pei Lin said...

Congrats on committing yourself to this project! I have once given the thought to doing the same for our kids (when we have one or some)! It will be so fun! haha

i like this kinda combo! And this is what I go for usually even though I like colours too....

ste said...

Good luck with the project! Btw, love the oversized sweater. I am looking for that kind of sweater too but obviously it's hard to find it in Jakarta. Looking forward to your #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

kristine said...

Another super cute outfit Rita! You pull off neutrals just as well as you pull off patterns. Very cute, and love that scarf!

Kristine. Or Polly.

aki! said...

Good luck on the project... I know I could never pull that off. Some days I stay in pajamas all day. Haha.

I love this outfit. It's very different from your usual mismatched patterns.

e_ting said...

Ohh so this is the 365 Fashion Shuffle you were talking about! *head desk* well done! looking forward to all the posts!!