Friday, January 21, 2011

SC's Military Jacket for Casual Friday

Military Jacket
Photoshoot FAIL.
Couldn't even see the face, not in artistic way.
I love the background's a lane somewhere in Admiralty.

Military Jacket
Now that's better.

Military Jacket
Thank God SC is not wearing one of his Monster Hunter Uniqlo tees again today.
He vowed to wear them the whole year, and trust me, he almost did, if it wasn't for work.

Today he wore his plaid shirt with this military inspired jacket we bought for only for HK$100something from  i.t. outlet, my skinny jeans (which is now has become more of his jeans than mine, as he's always wearing them) and his favorite black boots.
Military Jacket
Obviously, we don't iron our clothes.
Please excuse us.

Shirt = Uniqlo
Jacket = i.t. outlet
Skinny jeans = mine
Boots = Salem
Scarf = no brand

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dannyman said...

Gotta admit, my eye is drawn to the Sprinkler Inlet. :)