Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mostly Black & White - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

Today, I wear mostly neutrals again.
Quite a change for my normally always-colorful-pattern-mix-maniac self.
Even so, I had to throw in a splash of color (the jacket) ^_*
One day, I'll do all black.
I promise.
One day.

What's underneath the jacket?
Different textures of black and some white, super frilly, super girly.

Spring and summer will soon be here and I won't be able to wear these furry leg warmers anymore...
25 Jan 2011 shoes & leg warmer - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE

...and this scarf, hand knitted by @lapetitcreme's mom.
25 Jan 2011 Scarf - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
Thanks so much, auntie! You're the best!

...and a poor hand bag that hasn't been out for the longest time...
25 Jan 2011 bag - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE

Top = thrifted
Dress, leg warmer = no brand
Leggings = Uniqlo
Shoes = Marks & Spencer's 
Jacket = FCUK
Scarf = gift
Bag = Coach


sydneylyn said...

I super super like your jacket!! :D It blends with your whole outfit! :D

LyddieGal said...

the double peter pan color is awesome!

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