Monday, January 10, 2011

Sparkly Camera Strap for My Canon 7D

Sparkly Camera Strap for My Canon
This is a birthday gift from my lovely workmate, Johanna. We went to pick it out together at Seibu.
Initially, I picked out a red and white polka dotted strap. But I had to consider that sometimes SC needs to carry the camera, so I asked for his opinion and he picked my other favorite, this sparkly black number.
How disco of him :)

I'm so happy that my camera strap doesn't say CANON EOS 7D anymore!
I don't like how people think they got me all figured out just from my camera strap ;)
Let's keep them guessing.


eek said...

cool strap :)

I love your new blog header and haircut. You look great and your family is adorable!

sydneylyn said...

wow! I love the new pic in your blog! :) you guys sure make one great family! :) oh! and I like the strap too! ^^