Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chubby Chic - Vest & Bow

Vest & Bow
Miss Chubby Chic is back, and every time I see her cool stuff, it makes me wanna raid her wardrobe. I love the vintage androgynous thing she got going on lately. I wish I could pull it off.

Look at that vintage bag! LOVE!
Vest & Bow
mustard poloshirt: carrefour, IDR 29.000
navy bowtie: argyle centre, HKD 20
vest: happiness, ambassador mall, IDR 20.000
pants: chatuchak market, THB 150
shoes: ITC kuningan, IDR 45.000
watch: swatch
bag: vintage pentax
glasses: pasar baru, IDR 10.000

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