Friday, January 28, 2011

His Casual Batik

Casual Batik Chic
I asked SC to join me and wear batik together today. This is what I put together for him. Mix and match of patterns and colors as always...and this is totally unplanned, but his color combo looks good with the color of the surrounding ;)

It's the tiny little details that make a difference...
Turquoise stud to echo the color of the sneakers.

...and just a little touch of silver to echo the hardware of his man purse.

I love this vintage inspired Mickey Mouse tee, and SC's great buy Zara Man puffy vest, it was on crazy sale!
Casual Batik Chic

Casual Batik Chic
Batik pants from my sis, I love the pockets on the side and its comfy yet flattering cut, and another touch of color, the chucks.

Shirt & Tee = Uniqlo
Vest = Zara
Earrings, batik pants = no brand
Sneakers = Converse
Bag = Bauhaus

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