Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Marcus' New Playmat

Marcus & New Playmat
We bought a playmat for Marcus.
It's made in Korea, it has double "face", alphabet on one side, and numbers on the other.
Adorable, comfy, durable, anti-scratch.
It's frigging not-cheap, HK$650 for small size, to fit Hong Kong tiny flat size.

Did he like it?
Marcus & New Playmat

Marcus & New Playmat

Maybe not so much.
Marcus & New Playmat

Marcus & New Playmat


Ta-chan said...

omg, he's sooo adorable! and already so big! and can I tell you how I love the family picture header... gorgeous!

Pei Lin said...

It is really not cheap but at least it is in not MIC... And Marcus is so adorable!