Friday, January 7, 2011

Threadless Photography Tee - My Way

I like to wear my passion.
Since I love photographing everything, I bought a few photography-themed tees from Threadless....and this is how I wore mine.
Threadless Photography Tee
Colors, shapes, patterns, textures, old and new, I got them all on me!

This is the closeup of the tee.
Threadless Photography Tee
I love love LOVE the color, I think it suits my girly-photo-dork self perfectly!

Have you ever purchased t-shirts from Threadless? They're so nice, cute and comfy! Show me yours!

Polka dotted shirt with rounded double collar = thrifted
Tee = Threadless
Sweater = SC's from H&M
Floral skirt = Cotton On
Belt & socks = random no name
Shoes = Wanko
Bag = Marc by Marc Jacobs


Pei Lin said...

Very cute tee! I got a pair of socks with the same colour combination from Ladies market like the one you have! What a coincidence!

LyddieGal said...

You look adorable! I love your change of location as well!

Jackie said...

What an awesome t-shirt! I want one :D

Seeing you and Lil' Marcus soon, can't wait!

Jax x