Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Suspender, Tights & Shorts for Boys - Geeky Preppy Look

This was what SC wore to a Christmas party.
He just wanted to wear his new (women's) tights, and this was what Ms. Chubby Chic put together for him.
Geeky Look
Super geeky, super preppy.
As always, I love the colors and the mixed patterns.

Ms. Chubby Chic thought something was missing from the shots...
Geeky Look
Ya ha! A vintage inspired hard cover and a pencil to chew on!

Geeky Look
The book was "Five People You Meet in Heaven" and the pencil was a free gift from Agnes b.

Here's the pattern of the tights.
Tights for boys?

....and SC couldn't hold his laughs when he was asked to "pretend to read or write and think hard" for the shots.
Geeky Look
Shirt & tights = Uniqlo
Shorts and suspender = H&M
Bow tie & specs = random no brand
Shoes = These are not shoes from Walker Shop


kristine said...

Ahh!!! Oh I wish more boys would dress like this. Cute!

Kristine. Or Polly.

aki! said...

Oh my goodness! This is so nerdy I love it!

Anonymous said...

ok - take a good look at these leggings for boys - they are doing this in Japan. You can really dress this up and make a great impression if you give it an honest effort.