Monday, January 17, 2011

Sleepy & Sour Smile - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

What's with the sleepy and sour smile?
17 Jan 2011 - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE
..and the bad hair, and the eyebags?

It's Monday! That's why.
17 Jan 2011 - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE
I kinda like this combo. It's my usual thrifted top (do you like the lace details?) + cheap cardi combo, but to face the cold, I needed the pants. You've been seeing a lot of these's because they are flattering and also comfy! Sorry if it's boring, but you'll surely be seeing more of them ;)

Let the day breeze by quickly, please...and Marcus is having his 4th mth vaccination today, hope he won't be   miserable tonight T_T

Top = thrifted
Cardi = random no brand from Fa Yuen St Market
Pants + belt set = Maple
Shoes = Wanko

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LyddieGal said...

i LOVE the lace details!