Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bold Colors - Blue & Red

Blue & Red
This skirt's borrowed from Miss Chubby Chic.
Love it much, but I already have something red. Was it a good decision not to buy it? Now I am not sure. I love the skirt :(

I hardly pair one shade of blue with another blue...but this time I did.
Blue & Red
I think they didn't look so weird together. Did they?

I always love this thrifted vintage jacket...see the gold details? Gorgeous!
Blue & Red
Top and jacket = thrifted 
Skirt = H&M
Tights = no brand
Shoes = M&S


Ditte said...

I think you look gorgeous, and the two shades of blue goes great together.

Pei Lin said...

you are right! I too love the skirt! And the jacket doesn't look so blue on my monitor, it looks closer to black. So no worries about clashing blues haha

gastronomous said...

you look gorgeous!!! i love the outfit :)