Saturday, January 15, 2011

Threadless Camera Tee #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

15 Jan 2011 - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE
This black puffy vest is quickly becoming a favorite. Should I get another color?

Wore it again today, out to lunch with lovely Jaxies
15 Jan 2011 - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

15 Jan 2011 - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE
As always, I throw random things, colors and patterns together into one messy combo.

Shirt = thrifted
Tee = Threadless
Vest = Giordano
Skirt = Cotton On
Belt = H&M
Socks = random no brand
Shoes = Citistore


Jackie said...

I don't think your combo looked messy at all! The important thing is that you rock your look with confidence, I dig it ;)

Thank you again for lunch! We *shall* see each other again before I leave!

Jax x

Ditte said...

am absolutely in love with the tee.